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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fix cracks?

Yes, we can. We usually fix cracks when we are performing a recoating job and changing the color. Most hairline cracks are not severe. If the structure was previously painted, the cracks are in the material used during painting and not in the stucco.

Do you guarantee your work?

We have a 2-year guarantee against stucco cracks, prescription breaks, peeling, help to flake, bulging, cure blistering or stucco falling off.

How long does a stucco job last?

A stucco coat is usually good for 15-20+ years, depending on environmental conditions.

Why do small cracks appear in my stucco finish?

As stucco cures, some of the water it contains get evaporates. It is causing the stucco to shrink slightly. As it shrinks, small cracks called “check cracking” might appear. Applying stucco finishes in hot, dry weather could contribute to check cracking in stucco. Some check cracking in stucco is normal.

Can you match textures?

Yes, we are experienced in matching textures.

Can you match colors?

Yes, we can match all colors. Several exceptions do exist. It is tough to do so if the home or structure is covered in old stucco, paint, raw cement, or color is too inconsistent.

Can I change the color of my stucco with your process?

Yes, you can change your stucco to almost any color; we have changed the color of countless homes.

What colors are available?

Manufactures produce any color or shade that you desire. The only exceptions are ultra-deep tones shades of color that are not available in traditional stucco.


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