We provide a variety of services through our highly experienced team to large contractors as well as homeowners.


We specialize in a wide variety of interior and exterior plasters, stains, coatings, wall systems, and finishes. Our highly trained professionals have the quality of being able to match any texture or color previously placed. There is no need to completely remove all the previous material, either because it is a repair of a particular sector, an application of a part of the house, or new construction. You want it to keep the same visual properties to maintain the same style as the rest of the walls.

 We regularly update our products and services to keep up with the construction industry’s technology, which allows us to advise our clients to carry out the work in the most efficient way.


There are good reasons to consider stucco for your exterior if you are building a new home or business. Whether smooth, rough, or patterned, stucco can be personalized in a way that best matches the rest of your home style. In addition to being very affordable, stucco is practically maintenance-free, so it becomes an excellent option if you want to reduce costs without sacrificing your exterior facade’s attractiveness.

These are some of all the works we do related to stucco: Exterior facade renovations – Metal Lath – Scratch Coat – Brown Coat – Water-Proofing – Smooth Stucco – Lace Textures – Sand Floated – Spanish Textures – Dash Finish – Venetian Finish – Wet-Sandblasting – Re-Stucco – Acrylic Stucco Finishes – Sand Pebble Finishes – Patching – Crack Repairs – Building Maintenance – Fix Physical Damages – Water Intrusion Repairs.


Our C-61 / D39 license enables us to place any structure necessary to carry out a correct performance of the tasks to be carried out. We have several modules of our own to be able to build small structures as well as large ones to reach places safely.
By having our equipment, we can offer solutions much faster than our competition. Often, the work is delayed due to having to wait for a third party to carry out the scaffolding placement.
We devote a great deal of time to the pre-planning phase to ensure the scaffold will be built most effectively. We are taking into account the structure itself and the different trades impacted by the scaffold’s construction.


Stucco is water-resistant by its very nature. Whether it is acrylic stucco or cement stucco, both have served well for decades to fight the elements. But keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. Those small cracks in the stucco caused by variations in temperature and humidity over the years can cause the stucco to flake and lead water to enter the walls. Keep in mind that even a tiny crack is enough. Water could enter and start causing invisible damage resulting in mold and rot. Consider repairing waterproofing the stucco before it drips turns into a flood.

There are several ways to protect your exterior stucco from the elements. Some of the most applied forms are:

 Waterproof Paint – Sealant Layer – Waterproof Barrier.

 It all depends on your exterior stucco; by inspect it, we can recommend which would be more convenient to apply. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you correctly.


Lathing is to build structural frameworks for stucco, plaster, and other materials. Previously, wood strips called slats were used, now mainly wire and metal mesh were used to create shapes more easily. This mesh is placed once the waterproof insulation has been completed and serves to generate greater material adherence, especially on ceilings and vertical walls. Depending on the material to be applied, you can choose between different meshes that best suit it.

Foam Trims

Foam moldings have recently gained popularity for their easy installation and low cost, which improves customer budgets. Unlike wood or concrete trim, foam trim can be made in a wide variety of ways. Because it is incredibly lightweight compared to its predecessors, it can adhere to almost any surface at all angles.
Our team of professionals can install architectural designs such as moldings, crowns, corbels, arches, bases, columns, and many other details to renew the appearance of any building. They achieve this thanks to the precision, attention to detail, and coordination acquired during all our years of work installing foam moldings.
It should be noted that although its installation may seem easy. Any mistake made in its installation when applying the desired finish above the foam can make the whole project more expensive by having to redo it. Paying attention to the lines is extremely important; that’s the difference between a professional job and one that is not.
It is also essential that you know that although there is a wide variety of standard designs. If you cannot find one that suits your style, we can make your custom molding through our excellent suppliers.

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